Wide Angle Lens Sensor Zoom Reduction Adapter For XBOX 360 Kinect

Wide Angle Lens Sensor Zoom Reduction Adapter For XBOX 360 Kinect
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Product Description

Description :

Wide Angle Lens Sensor Zoom Play Range Reduction Adapter For XBOX 360 Kinect

This product allows you to controll Kinect in a shoter distance between player & monitor. Meanwhile, dual player can be maintained a comfortable distance due to Wide Angle Lens Design;
It supports all Kinect Games;
Without comfortability loss, it is available to control Kinect even 40% distance shorten; Thus, valid range for controlling is 1.80m;
Lightweight & thin : ONLY 17mm thickness;
Simple Installation : Non software & battery requires. Simply clips over the Kinect Sensor;
Utilize unique Wide Angle Optical Technics, it works fine in vary aberration calibration. It is ensured that the field of view will be enlarged but non sensibility loss for Kinect Image Capture;
Ideal accessory for Gamers who do not have an adequate room for Kinect Playing.

Specification :

Space Reduction Percentage : 35%-40%
Compatible Player Number : 2
Controll Range : 1.80m
Color : White
Weight : 160g
Compatible Model : XBOX 360 Kinect

Note :

Please note that it is suitable for XBOX 360 Kinect ONLY.

Package Includes :

1 x Super Zoom for XBox 360 Kinect